ColinImage Wranglers is a virtual ranch created around Y2K primarily run by Colin Nekritz, Principal/Director. Maintaining a small stable of clients looking for the capabilities of a big agency without the big agency bills that come with such things has kept clients happy and coming back for more, while allowing Image Wranglers and Colin to focus on what's most important, the work.

With clients running the gamutt from well known Fortune 500 companies right down to family owned businesses, Image Wranglers and Colin have been called upon to raise the bar and hone in on the salient aspects of projects, with output media included print, TV, the web, and other media; whatever the projects called for to ensure success, however that was to be measured.

The times and technology change, accelerate, and grow, but good, timeless design and ideas are always in vogue, are always the new black. Most importantly, especially in our current rapidly-paced information-in-a-nanosecond age, content is king. Which is to say, the content, what you or any audience sees or reads, is always the most important objective.

What Image Wranglers does [the short list]:

  • Corporate Branding & Logo Design
  • Exhibition & Outdoor
  • Product & Studio Photography
  • Exhibition & Outdoor
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Communications
  • Publication Design & Marketing
  • Online Marketing & Advertising
  • Packaging Design
  • Lectures on Trending Topics


The world is a strange place, so don't be a stranger.

Always open to potential projects, to discuss branding and design, or big picture ideas.

E-MAIL : colin@imagewranglers.com

PHONE : 315 561 1123

TWITTER : imagewrangler